What is so remarkable about this technology is that it is able to transmit a signal through various structures and also over hills, meaning that very little exists to disturb the signal. It also performs better than the dial-up services. The frequencies can travel over a 10km radius which is ideal for even the most remote villages in developing countries as well as those rural areas in developed countries which are still waiting for the infrastructure to reach close enough for them to obtain stable broadband.

Skynet Global offers a range of services to suit varying requirements:

Skynet Global Standard Service

The Skynet Global Standard Service has varied applications, including financial services, healthcare and insurance to name a few.

Skynet Global Peer to Peer (P2P) Service

Skynet Global’s P2P Service is ideal for larger companies or those businesses looking to implement a private and secure network which cannot be connected to by any outside person or remote computer. Organisations maintain complete privacy, running internet services on their own secure network and not on the world wide web. Examples might include insurance companies, banks or any companies that handle sensitive data for vast numbers of customers.

Skynet Global Service Provider

The Skynet Global Service Provider option could be a lucrative option for those individuals or companies looking to become a service provider to nearby rural locations where there is no other signal.

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